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Thank you for visiting the IdeaMaestro blog where you’ll find an outsider perspective on a variety of business topics. Each posting draws from career experiences in the public and private sector, including: corporate commercial property management, financial information services, startups, online commerce and higher education. What makes the perspective “outsider?”  It’s provided by the analytical and abstract perspective of a classically trained musician.

The IdeaMaestro perspective seeks to conduct a shift in status quo mindset and insular view points in the hopes you take away with you at least one new perspective or idea. In doing so, I hope it will serve to help you solve a problem you may one day face while conducting everyday business. I encourage you to participate in the IdeaMaestro blog by posting comments. All perspectives are welcome, because- out of our improvisation conversation, we can develop something new together… a new idea created by the IdeaMaestro in all of us.

Warm Regards,

Jim “J.D.”  Lindsay, Jr.

Jim Lindsay